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  • Smokin' Brothers 36" Premier Plus Pellet Grill w/Que-View


    NOW WITH QUE-VIEW Wi-Fi!!!!!


    Take your cooking surface up to over 600 degrees without the fear of flare ups, while minimizing pellet consumption.​


    The lid to our front-loading hopper and the rain cap for our center smoke stack have been converted to Stainless Steel.​


    Our top grid has been converted to a slide-out to allow for easier access and removal.​


    A small but equally HUGE addition is a pair of hangers added to the front of the grill for hanging up to two top grids or other grilling accessories. ​


    An easy-to-access pellet dump has been added to the hopper to allow for easy removal and change of pellets​


    An additional 3″ has been added to the height of our grills allowing for even more cooking area for larger cuts of meat on both top and bottom grids.​


    The Premier PLUS comes standard with one Meat Probe, but our port is larger to allow for multiple probes to be inserted without running under our 12-gauge steel lid.

    Standard Features:

    Center Smoke Stack – Promotes even temperature across the grill surface.

    1-Inch Double Wall Insulated Fire Box – Cook all year long.

    Electronic Igniter – It does not get any easier. Hit the button and go.

    State-Of-The-Art Digital Controller – Maintain temperatures with 1 degree.

    Welded Frame – You can’t get a sturdier base. Stop tightening bolts.

    20-Pound Front Hopper – Plenty of fuel and an awesome work surface.

    Sloped Hopper – Use all your pellets with none left behind on flat spots.

    4-Inch Locking Casters – Easy movement only when you want it moved.

    1/4 Inch Porcelain Coated Grates – Increased heat retention.

    Fully Wrapped 12-Gauge Lid – No impact from wind and exterior weather.

    Divided Grid Surface – Makes for easy cleaning.

    Straight Vertical Drop Grease System – Avoids grease dams and fires.

    Covered Grease Bucket – Prevents rain overflow and nasty messes.

    Included Meat Probe – Track internal meat temperatures for precise cooks.

    Side Probe Entry – Prevents bending or damage to the meat probe.

    **Allow 3 Weeks for Shipping