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  • CrownSaver Crown Repair System (30 lb. container)

    $169.99 $164.00

    CrownSaver is our original crown repair product that was developed in the early 80s. It has been time tested and is still preferred by many sweeps. CrownSaver is a blend of polymer modified hydraulic cements and powdered water repellent.

    For best results, cover the crown with FormFoil, a sticky, rubber-backed, aluminum foil flashing (sold separately in 9”x 50’ rolls). Then, simply mix one scoop CrownSaver (measuring scoop included) with three scoops fine mason’s sand and water. Next trowel over the crown at about 1/2” thickness (¼” min.2” max). Because CrownSaver is a cement-based coating, a ½” bead of caulk should be applied to the base of each flue tile to allow for expansion.

    •   10 Year Warranty
    •   Strong, Cement-Based Long-Term Repair
    •   Waterproof Barrier
    •   Easy Application
    •   Ready to Use