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  • Rutland 500ºF RTV High Heat Silicone Sealant


    RUTLAND 500ºF RTV High Heat Silicone Sealant is a great solution for sealant and adhesive needs. Not only is this a powerful adhesive, it also seals gases and smoke permanently, with limitless uses in the home or even on a job site. Use it to seal fireplace inserts, repair solar panels, or apply ceramic tiles to your fireplace surround or heat shielding behind your stove. Seal a chimney cap to withstand wind, rain, and hot smoke.

    Silicone will adhere to most clean surfaces, including glass, metal, plastics, fiberglass, wood, brick, and stone. Available in different colors and sizes, a perfect combination exists for your project or repair!

    • 2.7 oz Tube or 10.3 oz Cartridge
    • Black or Clear
    • Remains flexible in temperatures up to 500°F intermittently or 450°F continuously
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Made in the USA