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  • John Henry's Texas Pecan Flavored Gourmet Coffee

    $14.99 $14.00

    It has been four years of research and development for our new delicious coffee blends. We poured our excitement about our coffee into every satisfying cup. Slow roasting brings out the richest and fullest flavors of the Arabica beans. To ensure the best quality, JHFP purchased only the top 3% of Arabica beans from around the world. We have cherished being part of your birthdays, weddings and all other events, now we are extremely excited to be part of your mornings.

    Like our other products, we establish a great flavor first. John Henry’s Coffee is a premium blend of 100% Arabica Coffee Beans. We roast in house for optimum flavor. Our unique fresh reseal able valve packaging preserves the flavor from the very first to very last bean.

    Pecan trees are native to Texas and are grown all over the state both commercially and ornamentally. We combine our best Arabica beans with Southern pecan flavoring and real pecan pieces from locally grown trees to create a cup of coffee with a pecan taste as big as Texas! Perfect for K-Cups !

    1lb bag

    Ships in 1 week