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  • Fornetto Pizza Wood Fired Smoker & Oven

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    Accurately monitor temperatures with the thermometer on the oven door. Move your Fornetto easily around on its sturdy wheels.

    Air Control Valves

    Heat proof valves allow you to CONTROL the temperature via air flow. The unique ventilation system allows smoke to flow directly from the fire box to the oven chamber. Open and close as needed to infuse food with that authentic smoky flavor.

    Smoker Box

    Add smoking chips or aromatic woods to the removable smoker box, to give unique flavours to your food.

    Air Flow Control

    Control the flow of air and smoke to change the temperature with the adjustable damper handle. Handles never overheat with our Cooltouch Phenolic finish.

    Stainless Steel oven

    The spacious stainless steel oven has multiple sliding racks, energy efficient ceramics bricks and ceramic pizza stone for maximum heat retention.

    Ash Tray

    Pull out the rack and ash tray and light your fire using charcoal and wood.

    Condiment Rack

    Sauces and other condiments are ready for use in the condiment rack.

    Wood Storage rack

    Store wood in the basket for quick access.

    Lift up Side Shelf

    Lift-up side table for convenient food preparation and serving.

    Appliance Dimensions

    Height (including chimney) 1917 mm 75.5 in Width 650 mm 25.6 in Depth 560 mm 22.1 in Chimney / Flue 505 mm 19.9 in Chimney / Flue (diameter) 152 mm 6 in

    Oven Dimensions

    Height 297 mm 11.7 in Weight 474 mm 18.7 in Depth 400 mm 15.8 in

    Oven Chamber Volume

    Litres / Gallons US 61.2 litres 16.15 gal Litres / Gallons Imp 61.2 litres 13.46 gal Net Weight 96.7 kg 213 lb Gross Weight 112 kg 247 lb