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Dirty Duck

$7.99 $6.26
Dirty Duck by Leisure Time

The Dirty Duck by Leisure Time absorbs all surface contaminants from your hot tub or spa water. Through regular use, warm water will become soaked with oils, lotions and cosmetics. This is completely normal! But, you have to take care of the problem before it leads to scumline formation and filter clogs. The Dirty Duck is a powerful remedy, and is easy to use. Simply drop the Dirty Duck into the hot tub water and let it float around.The Dirty Duck will absorb over 40 times its weight in oils, lotions, cosmetics and other surface contaminants. When one side of the Dirty Duck is dirty, flip the Dirty Duck and let it continue to float. The second side will fill up with dirt, too, and your spa water will be sparkling and clear. You may rinse the Dirty Duck and reuse it again later! Drop the Dirty Duck into your spa water, and it will do the dirty work for you. 


  • Simple & Easy
  • Reduce Filter Maintenance
  • Can Be Used For Pools - Just Drop In Pool Filter


  • Drop Dirty Duck in hot tub water.
  • Let float in the water to absorb.
  • When one side is dirty flip over.
  • When both sides are dirty rinse and reuse.