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  • TuffDuck Backsaver Tote

    $48.99 $39.00

    The more comfortable way to transport firewood.
    Better for your body, and better for getting the task done.

    The Backsaver is engineered to be ergonomic. Weight of the load is centered on your body. Distributed between your arms and shoulders. Centering and weight-distribution are principles used by intelligent humans for thousands of years. Now men and women wearing a Backsaver enjoy these advantages:

    • Loading – Grab firewood from your pile with one hand, conveniently while holding up the front of the apron with your other hand.
    • Avoid problems with steps and doors – Maintain your balance. Use your free hand using a stairway handrail and turning doorknobs.
    • Stay clean – Protects your clothes from dirt and bark.